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Why Choose Romania for Dental Tourism

Still trying to decide whether or not to have your dental travel to Romania?

We want to help you decide by giving you a list of the major advantages you will get from your dental trip to Romania. These are:

1.  A wide range of high standard dental treatments

 There is a variety of dental services and procedures we can provide our clients with, all executed with a remarcable finesse. Our doctors are well trained and experienced in all types of procedures. We constantly invest in the latest equipment in order to make sure we offer the best services and treatments to our patients.

2.  Very satisfactory costs package for your dental treatment in Romania

Every client having a dental problem can go through our price list in order to convince himself of our affordable offers.  As you can very well see, we offer a wide range of services at high European standards for the best prices on the market.

This comparison to the prices in other Western countries  will surely make you see Romania as a better alterative. Also, when analyzing prices for dental implants in the USA we see a very large difference in costs, therefore we think that even if considering the entire sum paid for accomodation and transportation, patients will prefer to fix their complex dental problems in our country insted of an American city.

3.  Romania is a beautiful country to visit

Romania is a perfect destination for any kind of tourism. Whether you are into mountain climbing, sea retreats, religious journeys, visiting historic buildings, medieval castles or out of the ordinary touristic destinations, or even if you would just like to trace some vampires in Transylvania, Romania is the country that will give you all of these and even more.

4. Excelent accomodation services in Romania

You can choose your accommodation services from a list of hotels depending on your preferences. When you write us your e-mail please let us know what type of hotel you would be interested in, what facilities you would like to have at your disposal and what area of the city you would prefer for accomodation and we will reply to you with a complete list from which you can choose the one you like the most.

5. Good communication and travel facilities in Romania

Tourists are usually surprised to realize that the majority of Romanians are multilingual. Especially the young generation has a very good command of English and other European languages such as French, Spanish, Italian or German, therefore it is easy for tourists to travel, communicate and get acquainted to the local inhabitants.

Furthermore, Romania is a fairly well connected to the rest of Europe by busses, planes and trains, offering the possibility of easy access towards and within the country. The majority of trains and busses are new and equipped with air conditioning and even GPS-enabled screens. The subway railway is very comfortable, well-equipped and covering the entire city area of Bucharest. 

6. Complete package for a carefree vacation in Romania

The best part from taking our offer is that clients don’t have to worry for travel arrangements, finding a hotel, searching the web for a list of restaurants or find the best dental clinic for their needs. We will do everything for them and we can also recommend other clinics in Bucharest we are partners with. Contact our dental tourism specialists in Romania for more details in this matter!