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Testimonial for RomanianDentalTourism.com

Kristine PowellBefore I went to the RDT clinic I was really nervous about going to the dentist and especially dental surgery. Their team is fantastic! They explained to me in detail every procedure before starting to work and really helped me feel relaxed and confident. They are true professionals and I don’t hesitate to recommend them.

Andrea Herovich:  I really needed a qualified ortodont  and over the last few years I think I literally saw tens of cabinets and clinics, both in my country and others. The team from RomanianDentalTourism is the one that helped me solve all my dental problems. They are professional, frindly and offer the best price per quality ratio I have ever seen

Alex Cook : Hi, I’m from London and prices in my home town are incredibly high. So when I had a serious problem that required dental surgery, an implant, a crown and other smaller services like a panoramic XRay, teeth whitening and a few fillings I know I needed to look for a more suitable proposition for me. I found it at RomanianDentalTourism and fortunately they exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them

Anne-Marie: Thank you RomanianDentalTourism for my carefree smile!

Ioana Fotescu: The dentists I met at the RomanianDentalTourism Clinic in Bucharest are true professionals who are dedicated and passionate about their work. They are attentive to your needs and you can trust that they will do everything to achieve the perfect result. But the best thing is that they make you love to smile. And a smile looks good on anyone.

Paul Breen:  I can highly recommend ArtDent/RomanianDentalTourism Clinic  for all dental work. I am Irishman living in Netherlands, and with the service I received here, my dentist is in Bucharest. Yes, they are that good.  

I have had one very bad(6 fillings) tooth saved, without a root canal, and  now I have a zirconium crown looking perfect at the back of my mouth. I have also had 2 implants for a lower molar that never grew.

4 months along and there has been no problem with the crown or the implants. I look forward to returning next month to have the crown placed on the implants.