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Gingival Graft in Romania

Gingival Graft in Romania

Gingival graft, also known as periodontal plastic surgery, is used for patients that have exposed root surfaces caused by gum recession. A number of reasons can lead to receding gums, including genetics, improper oral health care or trauma to the gum tissue.

A periodontist can recommend you to have a gum graft if you need to reverse gum recession in order to protect the integrity of your teeth.

Periodontal plastic surgery in Romania

Many patients suffer from receding gums – loss of gum tissue that surrounds the teeth, leaving the roots exposed. Treating gum recession can be important for cosmetic reasons but the main concern is that receding gums can cause tooth sensitivity and, in time, even tooth loss.

While certain variations in the thickness of the gums are normal and are genetically determined, patients should pay attention to any changes that indicate a problem with the gum tissue. Receding is more prone in individuals who have a poor oral hygiene or who excessively brush their teeth, thus harming the gum tissue. Other factors like the positioning of the teeth can also lead to gum recession

Types of gum grafts

Several techniques are available for the gingival graft and they mainly rely on collecting strong, healthy tissue from other areas of the mouth.

In free gingival grafting, a small portion of tissue is taken from the root of the mouth and then attached to the area or areas that have missing gum tissue. This is a simple method and it is successfully used for patients who have thin gums. The palate (roof of the mouth) and the gum will heal without complications.

The connective tissue grafting uses a more sophisticated technique to collect connective tissue. Like for the free gingival graft, the tissue is taken from the patient’s palate, but from a different, deeper layer of tissue than in the first case. This procedure is preferred because healing is faster in this case.

The pedicle graft is the type of procedure that uses tissue directly from the surrounding healthy gums instead of from the palate. A partial cut is made into the gum in order to pull it down or over the exposed root. This is only suitable for patients who have thick gums and available gum tissue near the exposed tooth.

dentist will assess your case and determine which option is best suited for you, depending on the health of your gums and other considerations.

For more details about periodontal disease and surgery, you may contact our dentists in Bucharest.