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Case Study Belgium-Romania Dental Prices

Case Study Belgium-Romania Dental Prices

Belgians who come to Romania

Romania is a good choice when looking for dental treatments abroad and the country has even much more to offer to Belgians: beautiful mountain views and conformable seaside resorts. Belgians who want to combine a dental travel trip with a beautiful vacation can also visit Romania during the winter, when ski lovers can enjoy their favorite sport at affordable prices.

Compared to other west European countries, including Belgium’s neighboring countries like France or Germany, Romania has extremely affordable ad professional dental services. Belgians will find it easy to choose Romania as a dental travel destination.

Romania: easily accessible

The best way to come from Belgium to Romania is to keep an eye on offers for airplane tickets. A number of low-cost airlines travel from Brussels Charleroi or Brussels Zaventem to Bucharest Henri Coanda. Plane tickets can cost as low as 40 euros or even less if you manage to get a big offer. Accommodation in Bucharest is cheaper than in Brussels and Belgians will also have plenty of restaurants to enjoy affordable and fulfilling meals. One night in Bucharest will be more affordable than in Brussels, where hotel prices can be well over 100 euros per night.

But Romania is much more than a destination for dental treatments abroad. The beautiful country attracts tourists all year and Bucharest, formerly known as Little Paris, has plenty of tourist attractions for the traveler who cannot find the time to get out of the city, including the second largest building in the world. However, those who travel to fix any urgent dental problems can find fast and painful relief at one of our clinics in Bucharest.

Fix any dental problem in Bucharest

Teeth whitening treatments are among the most requested procedures in our clinics. But patients who are concerned with the overall aspect of their smile also choose orthodontic treatments. Dental implants and dental crowns are also some of the top requested procedures.

Compared to Belgium, teeth whitening in Romania is more affordable: at our clinics this treatment costs 230 euros, while in Brussels the same teeth whitening procedure can cost around 500 euros. Dental implants in Belgium are also more expensive, at around 1,000 euros. Our dentists in Bucharest specialize in dental implants and have a starting price of 450 euros.

For more information about how you can plan your dental trip to Romania, please do not hesitate to contact our dentists in Bucharest. We can help you schedule an appointment and work out the best treatment plan for your needs.