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Case Study Mexico-Romania Dental Prices

Case Study Mexico-Romania Dental Prices

Transatlantic dental care

Low cost dental care is the reason why dental tourism is becoming more popular every year, especially in countries who offer competitive prices, compared to those in countries like the United States or France. Romania is a good option for dental travel abroad, both for tourists from the United States and for those coming from other European countries.

Although Mexico is a country that has progressed in recent years, Romania is still the country of choice for many dental patients from the United States. 

Why dental travelers choose Romania

After the fall of the communist regime, Romania opened itself to the world. Tourists came from not only to admire its natural beauty and many landmarks, but also to gain access to various services that would otherwise be more expensive in their own country. Dental treatments in Romania are not only affordable, but are performed by highly trained dentists, using western European standards for care and safety during dental procedures.

Romania is accessible for visitors and many will find it pleasing that a bus ride costs only about 0.28 euros. Tourists who prefer to seek Bucharest’s attractions in a taxi, can get a ride for about 0.30 euros per kilometer. As a comparison, a bus ticket in Mexico is about 0.43 euros and taxis cost about the same per kilometer. 

Dental treatments in Bucharest vs. Mexico

Our dentists in Bucharest wok with the best tools and make sure that any intervention is as pain free as possible. Dental implants are among the most requested treatments by foreign dental patients because in Romania, good quality crowns cost less than in other countries. Dental implants in Mexico can start at about 600 US dollars, while in Romania, our prices for the same treatment start at 450 euros (about 490 dollars). Other differences in prices exist for other dental treatments like teeth whitening or root canal treatments.

Our team of dentists can offer you a wide range of dental treatments at our clinics in Bucharest. You can contact our dentists if you are interested in more information about dental tourism in Romania